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The Importance Of A Prenup

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Prenuptial agreements have long been associated with the wealthy, as a way to keep family heirlooms from a greedy spouse. In fact, the stigma of who and what a prenuptial protects can deter couples leaving loved ones and assets unprotected. While prenups have become more common over recent years, there is still a lot of unknown information about what a prenup is, who and what it can protect, and why it is important.

What is a prenuptial agreement?

Also known as a prenup, this agreement works to determine the terms of a divorce or asset distribution in the case of death. Agreeing to terms of a divorce even before you get married can seem a bit extreme and perhaps unlucky. However, even without any marital doubts, forming a prenuptial agreement can be beneficial for both parties.

What does a prenup do?

Prenuptial agreements can cover almost anything that both of the spouses agree to, but they are often used for a specific range of reasons. Partners use prenups to protect assets acquired prior to the relationship and can declare rules for rights to assets obtained during the relationships.

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