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Art & Music in Higher Education

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It is no secret that the arts and music elements of education are the first to be cut. Dating back decades, the struggle to maintain funding for arts education has been an ongoing one. As printed in the NY Times article in 1993, educators and artists have long argued that students without art are as ignorant as students without math. Furthering, educators and artists argue that the classes, which society has been so quick to cut, are the exact classes that teach the qualities needed to reinvigorate American education. Art and music classes help to enforce analytical thinking, teamwork, motivation, and self-discipline. Above all, art classes teach students fundamental skills while also acting as a source of self-expression and fun.

“We must demonstrate that when children do arts, they are doing critical thinking and problem-solving and learning about civilization. Unless we categorize this in terms people understand, arts will always be considered a frill,” said Carol Sterling, director of arts and education for the American Council on the Arts in 1993.

“Artistic ability isn’t the only area subject to improvement. Students show how increased access to arts education can lead to better grades and higher rates of graduation and college enrollment,” reports the Huffington Post.

What are the benefits of art education within schooling and higher education? has your answers!

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